I am an artist, designer, and art director with a masters degree in art, and over 15 years experience as a graphic designer.

The work showcased on this site draws from my work as a freelance designer, as well as two long tenures at IKEA, and with the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Organizing committee.
I'm currently working as Art and Design Director at banter grace & lollipop, and taking on freelance design projects.

I was once quite addicted to television, the subject of many of my drawings. Currently, I'm addicted to fiction; It feels healthier.


Let's talk if you'd like any more information on rates and availability, or if you need some advice on which YA novel to read. I consider myself a bit of an expert in that area.

<--My kid drew that.

shout-outs, etc

I owe much of my success as both an artist and a desiger to extraordinary opportunities for collaboration with amazingly talented people.

<--My other kid drew that. Yes, those are Twilight vampires.

The VANOC Brand & Creative Services team that created and developed the Look of the Games Graphic system included Jackie Boucher, Karen Clark, Melanie Kimmett, Shawn Parkinson, Ben Hulse, Chloe Douglas, and myself, under the Design Direction of Leo Obstbaum.

The Look of the Games design team included Jackie Boucher, Karen Clark, Jenny McCleery, and myself. The four of us shared the responsibilities of development, art direction, design, and production design.

I am forever indebted to David Benson and Jon Wayne Cummins, my long-term artistic collaborators, and most formative creative influences in my life.